We are a passionate team with a focus on helping you achieve positive outcomes in your business, career, investment and relationship. We help build awareness that enables better decision-making. This is geared to achieve the life that you desire and overcome the continuous life challenges.

We adopt a personalised approach based on your profile and provide insightful recommendations for action and change.

We believe that when you master your environment, you master your destiny!

What We Do

About Us

Purple to White is led by Jenett Tang, a Feng Shui  Consultant with business qualifications from Australia and 18 years of corporate experience. This experience has helped her in understanding people and team dynamics based on their profile of strengths, weakness, talents and hidden potentials. This unique combination of Feng Shui skills and corporate experience enables Jenett to advise you on how to harness the positive environment energy to help accelerate one’s success by being at the Right Place, at the Right Time with the Right People, taking the Right Action with the Right Strategy.

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