Accomplishments & Testimonials

Successfully assisted clients with QiMen for strategic execution

  • War crafting directions to influence and win business negotiations, to achieve a positive result.
  • Enabling successful interviews with date selection, seating direction and QM hour.
  • Advising on property sale timings and duration of vacancy for rentals to help plan finances.

Successfully assisted clients with Bazi

  • Understanding their SWOT profile (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Talent)
  • Knowing who their noblemen (helpful person) are in their lives and avoiding persons who clash with their profile. This helped clients manage and minimise endless anguish and pain when interacting with clashing personalities.
  • Knowing the months in which their potential Noblemen could appear to help them.
  • Better preparedness with insights on what could lie ahead – opportunities and challenges over the next 12 months.

Successfully assisted clients with Feng Shui

  • Feng Shui assessment and realignment for a residential house in Australia that enhanced financial opportunities helped attract noblemen (helpful people) into their lives.
  • Feng Shui assessment for a client in Sabah, Malaysia following two car accidents. The assessment helped identified the need to trigger the right energies and the duration/period to minimise further negative events.
  • Applied Feng Shui techniques to enhance and improve financial well-being for a client in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Successfully convinced a disbelieving client on the merits of following Feng Shui guidance. The client followed the recommendations and was able to proactively address personal health challenges that were forecasted.



Feng Shui for Individuals and Families

Feng Shui assessment and realignment for a residential house in Australia that enhanced health, relationship and career opportunities, helped attract noblemen (helpful people) into their lives.

We have lived in our house for 15 years plus. And during this time we have had recurring chronic challenges with my health, my husbands career and our relationship with our children. Jenett Tang was referred to us through a friend. Jenett undertook a Feng Shui assessment for our house and provided recommendations for making changes to the positioning of the furnitures, beds, items in the house with emphasis on facing directions. The changes she suggested were well within anyone’s means to accomplish. She applied some deep Feng Shui techniques to study every room and the occupants of the room and her presentation was very professional and well thought out.

We were very happy with the changes and the positive results that have resulted in better management of my chronic health issues and reduced occurrences. The changes made to my husband’s home office resulted in significant improvements in his working relationships at work. His work related opportunities has also increased. We were able to experience the positive changes in health, relationships and work within 3-4 weeks of following her recommendations. I would certainly recommend Jenett Tang and Purple to White to anyone who would want to have more insights and recommendations on ways to overcome their challenges.

Linda Ogden and Richard Ogden, Melbourne, Australia
Oct 2019

Feng Shui assessment for a client in Sabah

I am a business owner in the healthcare industry. I have been in a series of unfortunate situations and the recent one being in two car accidents. I have known Jenett as as a work colleague from several years ago. A chance encounter and reunion introduced me to Jenett’s current vocation and her consultation. Jenett provided me with guidance on simple steps I could take to help me better plan my business and personal life for the year 2020. We are now 7 months into 2020, a very challenging year. I can state with confidence that my better planning and preparation and following Jenett’s guidance has helped me immensely in accomplishing good outcomes. I am very grateful for the support and advice from Jenett.

Edwin Leong, Sabah, Malaysia.
August 2020

Feng Shui assessment and recommendations for career opportunities and better relationships

As a lawyer, I rely heavily on facts and reason. While Feng shui is a foreign concept and in part goes against my common belief system, it has enriched my life in ways I cannot explain.
Jenett Tang is an expert in her field. Her assessment and recommendations have been entirely accurate. I have come to learn that it is not about predicting the future through fortune telling but making changes to my life and surroundings to create more positive energy which in turn allows one to be more open physically and mentally to new opportunities.

Adopting Jenett’s recommendations, forced me out of my comfort zone but I eventually found myself to be a lot happier and more positive about life generally which has benefitted my relationships with people. Within 2 months, I was offered a lucrative position at a well known law firm which had better systems and processes in place to assist my development not just professionally but personally as well.I would recommend Jenett Tang and Purple to White to anyone (skeptical or not) actively seeking to improve their careers, relationships and general wellness and happiness.

Priya, Melbourne, Australia.
July 2020

Feng Shui For Businesses

I set up a technology consulting business in 2017. I have been a client of Jenett Tang since 2017 as I am a great believer in the metaphysics and Feng Shui in particular. Jenett has always been a friendly consultant who has helped with applying various Feng Shui techniques to suggest undertaking key client discussions, negotiations, sitting and facing directions based on auspicious dates. Her advice and guidance has been critical to our growth over the 3 years.

Recently we moved into a new office and we had to plan the layout of the office for my staff members and myself. I consulted with Jenett to design the layout of my office.

Jenett Tang was very easy to work with and she spent a lot of time understanding the business, the profile of my team, the location, sorroundings of the office block. She then provided a detailed report of the office layout, the desk and seating positions for each of my staff members, the location of the common areas such as meeting rooms and the office kitchen/pantry. Jenett was also able to communicate her ideas with the interior designers, fit-out specilaists on the project and arrive at an optimal outcome that met our budget, utility and practical considerations.

I would have no hesitation to recommend Jenett to individuals who want to transform their lives for the better, businesses who want to optimise their working space to improve wellbeing and productivity.

Wesley Nikoloski, Perth, Australia
Jan 2020

Advising on property sale timings and duration of vacancy for rentals to help plan finances.

I am a property investor and I have sought Jenett Tang’s advise on the sale of my property. The property was not generating much interest from prospective buyers. The situation with Covid 19 was also not helping. A developer friend recommended me to Jenett Tang as he has availed of her services in designing his projects based on Fen Shui.

Jenett undertook an assessment in April 2020 and suggested some advise on how I should stage the property and the various colours to throw in the form of rugs, bed spreads and table settings. Following her advise the ‘Open for Inspections’ seemed to generate a lot more interest and was able to accept an offer in 3 weeks. This has tremendously helped me with my finances and positioned me well to tide through the increasing slow-down due to Covid pandemic. I would certainly recommend property investor to seek Jenett Tang’s advise on the sale, purchase and renting of their properties.

Steven Morrel, Sydney, Australia
June 2020

Enabling successful interviews

After several bad starts and disappointing interviews with employers, Jenett Tang suggested some new approaches. She has been very helpful in advising me with appropriate auspicious date and time for organising my interviews. This has worked well for me and very soon I found myself in a better position to negotiate a good job. I would recommend Jenett Tang to all the career professionals for advice on a smooth career path as she provides personalised insights that have helped me with better career opportunities.

Lynne Dang, Singapore
March 2019

Feng Shui assessment for a family to enhance and improve their financial well-being and seek new career opportunities

My wife and I have been experiencing continuous challenges at work and in our personal endeavours. Despite all the hard work we put in, we would always be met with disappointments that drained us mentally and emotionally with negativity. After seeking Jenett Tang’s consultation in May 2018, we understood the continuous blockages and challenges we were experiencing at home in pursuing our goals. Jenett put forward a few options in terms of actions we could take to help with optimising good energy flows within the home and resulting pros and cons of the various options.

We recognised the need for some drastic changes and actions we would need to take and we immediately moved house. Jenett also advised us on best facing directions for our new home and we acted upon it in our selection. A year later today, we are very happy with the choices we made, and the guidance from Jenett. We we were more positive with continuous career opportunities knocking on our door.
I would strongly recommend Jenett Tang to everyone as her insights will help them to improve their life for the better.

Tom Rolton, Wellington, New Zealand
July 2019

QiMen For Strategic Execution

A friend asked me to speak with Jenett when I was narrating my challenges in raising funds for a business venture. It seemed like non-sense how Jenett’s services could help me.

When I spoke with Jenett she understood my disbelieving nature and she started off with very simple suggestions on planning my meeting and the locations for the meeting to have discussions with potential funding partners. For formal meetings Jenett suggested good dates, time including the best directions for my seating (whenever possible). 
Within a month of following Jenett’s strategies, I was seeing favourable responses and 3 months later was able to finalise an arrangement with a joint venture partner.

I have since then recommended her to many of my family and friends who has also benefited with good career and life opportunities.

Orathai Rongthongaram, Bangkok, Thailand.
Jan 2020

Bazi for interpersonal engagements in your personal and professional life

Jenett Tang has helped us to better manage and minimise endless anguish and pain when interacting with difficult managers and colleagues. She helped my hsbane and me identify clashing personalities based on our personal profile. We were also given insights on what could lie ahead for the year that enable us to pro-actively take the appropriate action. Very friendly and comfortable to talk with. A big Thumbs up to Jenett.


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