Auspicious Date Selection

  • Would you agree that after all your hard work put into an important and major event preparation, you would want it to be a success?

Feng Shui Date Selection plays an important role in our daily life particularly in important activities as it helps to create the potential for success and for the activities to go smoothly.

In date selection, an auspicious date to carry a major and important activity helps to support with a better outcome. Should an inauspicious date be chosen to implement the major and important activities, it could result in a very poor or unfavourable outcome.

An auspicious date has an abundance of positive energy, whereas an inauspicious date has higher negative energy.

Every date has a different effect on a different person, as it is aligned with the person’s Bazi or Four Pillars.  In other words, an auspicious date for one person can be inauspicious to another person.  We help you to personalise your auspicious dates to maximise your success for the launching of a new business, website, interviews, business negotiations and meetings in addition to other major events. 

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