Personalised Date Selection

at purple to white we assist our client in auspicious date selection that proves to be very supportive in all aspects.
  • Would you like all your important meetings, events to be a Success? 
  • Do you know launching or commencing a business on a bad energy date can bring the business down with endless challenges? It can affect the sales, profit and cashflow

Date selection is applicable for all major important meetings, events, openings, weddings and negotiations as it does not only help to create the potential for success, but also ensures that things go more smoothly. Better planning a specific event on a particular day that you know will be supportive energetically. Organising the major events on those auspicious dates will likely to ensure smooth and successful execution.

We provide auspicious dates that are supportive for you and will most likely help with the smooth successful execution of major events in your life.

Some examples of major events that may call for auspicious date selection are –

  • Launching A New Website
  • Launching A New Project
  • New Job Start Date
  • Interview Dates
  • Engagement, Marriage
  • Critical Medical Procedures / Surgery
  • Moving into a new home
  • Construction Start Date
  • Business Commencement Date
  • Travel Dates


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