Bazi - The Four Pillars

The advantage of your Bazi or The Four Pillar enables you to understand your characteristics, personality, opportunities, events, circumstances, beliefs and life desire that comes into your life.  It is based on the birthdate information to derive with the Year, Month, Day and Hour pillars known as The Four Pillars.

At Purple to White Consulting, your Bazi enables you to optimise your strengths, minimize your weakness and avoid the things that you dislike from achieving the life that you desire.

The information in the Bazi also enables you to understand your client, employee, family and friends far better without them knowing. 

The Bazi also gives you the edge of knowing your competitors or new acquaintance by knowing “Who They Are?”, “What Is Their Approach?” “Their Role, Job and Industry” without knowing them much or personally to enable you to plan your actions strategically for a better outcome.

The “Profile on The Roles that One Play reveals the individual trait that will help you to understand how you carry out yourself as a unique person.  In other words, the profile is the journey you prefer to take in life based on the 10 profiles.

It is a guide with a powerful combination of personal development to help you design the life you desire in the least resistant way possible and help you to make better decisions to achieve your desire life.


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