About Us

Purple to White is led by Jenett Tang, a Feng Shui Consultant.You want to know more about us? then visit our website or contact us via email.

Purple to White is a passionate team with a focus on helping you to achieve positive outcomes in your business, career, investment and relationship.  We help build awareness that enables better decision-making.  This is geared to achieve the life that you desire and overcome the continuous life challenges.  We adopt a personalised approach based on your profile and provide insightful recommendations for action and change.

Purple to White is led by Jenett Tang, a Feng Shui Consultant with business qualifications from Australia and 18 years of corporate experience and people management. This experience has helped her in understanding people and team dynamics based on their profile of strengths, weakness, talents and hidden potentials. This unique combination of Feng Shui skills and corporate experience enables Jenett to advise you on how to harness the positive environment energy to help accelerate one’s success by being at the Right Place, at the Right Time with the Right People, taking the Right Action with the Right Strategy.

Exposure to different personalities and the challenges they faced, ignited a deep quest for answers to life path and potentials. This prompted Jenett Tang to embark on the metaphysics exploration journey to obtain several studies in Classical Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia, Bazi, Date Selection and Face Reading.  The application of Chinese metaphysics to Jenett’s personal life, career, business and relationships helped accomplish significant personal and professional changes for the better. This led her recognise, how she could help others to recognise their inner potential, life opportunities and success pathways much earlier. Since then Jenett has made it her mission to help her clients to achieve and design the life they truly desire.

At Purple to White we strive to help individuals and businesses to be ahead in their career, business, relationship and life.  We believe in sharing our experience to inspire individuals and businesses to lead a better life with the valuable insights they receive for better decisions to achieve better and winning outcomes.

Our services have helped clients from all walks of lives and across borders. A recent engagement to consult to a start-up technology business in Australia in designing office layouts. This was followed by a Feng Shui assessment of a residential property in Melbourne for a family and providing recommendations based on each family members profile for office, study, bed and furniture positioning to invoke positive energies to enhance career, health and relationships.

To quote J.P. Morgan ‘Millionaires do not need astrology, Billionaires Do!’  The art and science of Feng Shui, Bazi, Qi Men Dun Jia, Face Reading and Auspicious Date Selection, help you to surround and align the positive environment energies to create positive and better results both at work and at home.


Want to know how your life can change by being at the Right Place, Right Time with the Right Strategy, Right Action and meeting the Right People? Do email us to know more of your life-changing moments and designing the life that you desire!

Purple to White continues to assist all our clients to achieve better results.  Do enquire how we can assist you.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us!  In order, for us to personalise our consultation for you, do send us a message using the form.  We assure you that all information provided will be kept confidential.

You may also be in touch with us at info@purpletowhite.com