Personalised Calendar

  • Did You Know Having Your Major Meetings, Projects and Events on Your Personal Auspicious Date Would Enable A Much Higher Chance of Success Compared To The Dates That Are Inauspicious With High Failure Rate?
  • Would You Want To Know What Lies Ahead of You For The Year?
  • The type of energy that will be affecting you at work or at home on a monthly basis?

Life very often is about taking the right action at the right date and time.  When we carry out an action at the wrong date, every possible challenge would surface endlessly.  Wouldn’t it be great if you know the right date to maximise your success?

This year could be your best year ever, if you know what lies ahead of you so that you can prepare and take all the necessary actions for your best year ever.  

At Purple to White we help you to overcome life and work challenges better with your personalized dates to transform and win the battle of life.  A clear personalized calendar that will specifically outline the type of activities that you should be carrying out for the next 12 months. Should wealth be your main priority this month or should it be career, relationship, friends, vitality?

We personalise the calendar based on your personal profile to enable you to maximise your actions that will support your monthly goals in addition to being aware of the type of challenges the month will present. Would it be your wealth opportunity month or the helpful person appearing in your life month or the month with high expenses?

Hurry and get in touch with us for your 12 months personalise calendar to gain an advantage to be ahead in life!


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