Purchasing/Building a New Home, Office or Commercial Space

  • Do You Know Your House Profile That Is Clashing with Your Personal Profile Could Lead to Job/Business Loss, Divorce, Infertility, Major Health Issues?
  • Do You Know that Your Life Could Experience A Roller Coaster Ride Similarly To The Share Market Fluctuation When Your House or Work Area’s Energy is Against You?

Having good Feng Shui and energy in our home or office can improve one’s life for the better with continuous life opportunities of good wealth, investment career, business and improved relationship while enhancing good health.

We help clients to create and select their ideal home that will support their purpose, personality and lifestyle. 

Our services are also offered to clients seeking Feng Shui services to build a new home and office from the ground up.  Real estate assessments for pre-purchase, new build, developments, buying or selling.  Homes or developments with good Feng Shui have better energy, support people’s lives, and sell for more money.

For clients who are considering various options of purchasing existing home, office or commercial places, we provide in-depth analysis of the various alternatives to help you form an informed opinion of the optimal selection based on your short team and long term goals, 8 Mansions for each individual in addition to Xuan Kong Feng Shui analysis and recommendations.

Consulting can be done remote and/or on-site. We have consulted to clients globally and on-site visit is preferable though not mandatory. A video call service will enable us to walk through your home or office, without being there. We will be able to see the layout of the space and advise you accordingly.

To be able to provide any analysis it is crucial that we have an accurate floor plan drawn to scale showing all the rooms and doors. Additionally, if there have been any renovations or extensions involving the removal or addition of the roof then information on when these occurred.


Purple to White continues to assist all our clients to achieve better results.  Do enquire how we can assist you.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us!  In order, for us to personalise our consultation for you, do send us a message using the form.  We assure you that all information provided will be kept confidential.

You may also be in touch with us at info@purpletowhite.com