What We Do

Purple to White was founded with the passion to help you, your family, your business and your career to achieve the life that you desire, overcome your continuous business and career challenges, health and relationship issues, advice on strategic execution of plans, forecasting, date selection and face reading. We help you to harness and leverage the universe, earth and man energies to create, enhance and accelerate positive and better results to transform life, career, business, relationship and health.

Services provided include consulting services for individuals, homeowners, business owners, corporations and growing businesses.

Personal Consultation


Business Feng Shui Consultation

  • Choosing a good Feng Shui site for a Business   Read More  
  • Talent Selection & Recruitment for your Business 
Purple to white helps in choosing a good feng shui site


Residential, Corporate & Commercial Space

  • Purchasing/Building a New Home, Office or Commercial Space.   Read More  
  • Renovating/Constructing Re-arranging Layouts of Home, Office or Business Premises.  Read More   
  • Selling and Renting 


Real Estate Builders/ Developers and Renovators

  • Purple to White offers Feng Shui recommendations to both new buildings and renovations of existing buildings with Feng Shui review and analysis based on floor plans and site   Read More   


Consultation Services

Purple to White consulting can be done remote and/or on-site.Our consultation services includes Personal consultation,Remote consultation(video),Remote consultation(phone).


Purple to White continues to assist all our clients to achieve better results.  Do enquire how we can assist you.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us!  In order, for us to personalise our consultation for you, do send us a message using the form.  We assure you that all information provided will be kept confidential.

You may also be in touch with us at info@purpletowhite.com