Residential, Corporate & Commercial Space

Purchasing/Building a New Home, Office or Commercial Space​

Renovating/Constructing Re-arranging Layouts of Home, Office or Business Premises

Selling and Renting​ of Property



  • Do you know being at an inauspicious sector/area of your house, office or work area with big items facing your house, office or work area could be the cause to job loss, divorce, fertility issues?
  • Do you know whether it is at work or at home, your most favourable and beneficial direction that will help boost your success rate compared to being in an unfavourable section of your house or office? Take this great opportunity to know the best sector for you to achieve your goals in career, love life, health and relationships.
  • Do you know which sector/area of your house or office that will help you and your family to prosper in Period 9 from 2024 for the next 20 years?

  •  Sick Very Often with Unknown Cause
  • Irritable, Bad Temper and Easily Agitated
  • Continuous Career Obstruction
  • Loss of Life Direction
  • Demotivated with Lack of Energy and Zest for Life
  • Diminishing Passion
  • Constant Negativity

In residential assessment, we help clients towards their goals in addition to aligning with their investment, business, career, relationship and health.  These includes:

  • Residential Feng Shui assessment with remediation suggestions for poor Feng Shui areas
  • Advice before the purchase or building of a new house
  • Understand the client and occupant goals to device with the right methodology to support their goals.
  • Close assessment of both the external and internal environment along with the floor plans
  • Identify key challenges and blockages areas
  • Identify high potential areas with the best use of space to support each person’s life goals.
  • Advice on the year’s strengths for each occupant.
  • Identify the favourable and auspicious directions
  • Identify and Optimize the most prosperous entry points of a property.
  • Positioning, Aligning and Optimising the main area, rooms to support the client goals
  • Optimise the placement of important energy flow work table at key areas
  • Work with architects/builders on construction and reconstructing projects
  • Auspicious activity dates to enhance positive outcomes.


What If, you NOW know which sector of your house or work will be good for wealth generation, successful personal development, academic pursuits and career?

 At Purple to White, we help to enhance successful outcomes for our client by helping them to know the house potentials and how it can support or effect every occupant in the house, towards achieving their goals.


What will you Get

For This Year!

  • Understanding of the house potential and challenges
  • This year’s setup – Best area usage for every occupant.
  • Areas to avoid
  • Long term setup
  • This year’s annual affliction
  • Activation date

Additional Bonus

  • Next year’s goal realignment
  • Understanding of next year’s potential and challenges
  • Next year’s setup
  • Next year’s annual affliction
  • Activation date


Corporate and Commercial

In the offices and commercial consultations, we help clients to address the viability of business and financial decisions, business concerns, partnerships, manpower concerns, corporate and marketing campaigns, manpower concerns and with real estate Feng Shui assessment.  

We provide the insight to help Clients to leverage on the strengths and advantage of the organizational and corporate structures and manoeuvre the challenges of business and financial decisions.  

Having good Feng Shui and energy in our home or office can improve one’s life for the better with continuous life opportunities of good wealth, investment career, business and improved relationship while enhancing good health.

We help clients to create and select their ideal home that will support their purpose, personality and lifestyle. 

Our services are also offered to clients seeking Feng Shui services to build a new home and office from the ground up.  Real estate assessments for pre-purchase, new build, developments, buying or selling.  Homes or developments with good Feng Shui have better energy, support people’s lives, and sell for more money.

For clients who are considering various options of purchasing an existing home, office or commercial places, we provide in-depth analysis of the various alternatives to help you form an informed opinion of the optimal selection based on your short team and long term goals, 8 Mansions for each individual in addition to Xuan Kong Feng Shui analysis and recommendations.