Why Purple to White?

  • Feng Shui is more than just formulas; it encompasses the philosophy “It Is A Way Of Life”.
  • Our services are for everyone from all walks of life and in every stage of their lives – Teenagers, Parents, Working Professionals, Business Men/Women.
  • We help with advice to compliment you with the right action, to create positive change, overcome challenges, transform your life and be ahead in life, career and relationship.
  • Every recommendation and advice is personalised to the client requirements and profile to support his goals.
  • We adopt a practical approach with no item to purchase, no item placements, no religious beliefs, superstition or colour protocols.
  • We can help identify hidden opportunities for you this year
  • We assess, if your property is designed to tap into the good external environment energy for your property to receive and lock in the energy that will benefit you and your family.
  • Obtain personalised assessment for every member of your family for right energy alignment that would help to activate their hidden talents and potentials. Help them to know when to accelerate and hold back on their activities depending on the annual, monthly or 10 years period.
  • Get unstuck, break out from the vicious cycle, amplify impact, engineer your breakthrough to grow, sustain and enhance your prosperity.
  • Help you to better prepare for the new Period 9 as the next 20 years will be very crucial and different to many of us.


Rise & Thrive

Purple to White is also helping businesses and individuals to Rise and Thrive again despite the challenges one faces:

  • How do you safeguard yourself, your business, your career and health from the chaos surrounding you?
  • What are the strategies that you can take now to uncover opportunities based on your house and personal profile?
  • How you can advance when everyone else retreats?
  • How can you transform from being a struggler to an achiever?
  • What employees need to do to preserve and prosper in their careers?
  • How does your personal profile affect you during the uncertain times and how you can maximise the opportunities based on your profile?
  • What are the sectors of the office and house to avoid now that could greatly impact your health, relationship and work?
  • What can lessen the duration and impact of turbulent times?

Purple to White continues to assist all our clients to achieve better results. Do enquire how we can assist you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us! In order, for us to personalise our consultation for you, do send us a message using the form. We assure you that all information provided will be kept confidential.

You may also be in touch with us at info@purpletowhite.com